Why Tessanne’s win in TheVoice will not lead to a change in the Rules

tessanne-the-voice-_w304To those who are predicting that NBC’s TheVoice will be changing the rules so that someone like Tessanne Chin would not be able to enter the contest next year, I beg to differ. The presence of Tessanne did nothing but boost the ratings of the show by expanding its appeal and the rules already exclude most Jamaicans and foreigners in general because of the status requirements.

To those who cite the #Scripps Spelling Bee as an example, when the rules were changed after Jody Ann Maxwell won the contest in 1998, there is one major difference; that contest does not have a real product to sell and they do not have the same opportunity to make money off the winner. Also, the change in the Scripps Spelling Bee did not exclude Jamaicans as we have continued to send participants. The change, I believe, had something to do with the timing for qualification to enter.

If one was to look at the Penn Relays which Jamaican schools have continued to dominate since they first started participating about 1964, there has been no move to limit our participation because we have been good for the meet. Our presence increases the gate receipts. In the same way Tessanne was good for TheVoice. They seemed to be pleased that they could say “Tessanne Chin from Jamaica” and there was even an image of the Jamaican flag in the background of a scene on the Monday night finals show.

Tessanne has been a marketing coup for #TheVoice and there are the iTunes sales to prove it. Furthermore in the age of Twitter and Facebook, the organizers don’t have to guess about her impact as Social Media has provided further validation of it.

Jamaica has a reputation of being one of the Coolest places on the planet. We have a history of being creative that the rest of the world knows about, as we gave the world Reggae, which is, if not the only new musical genre of the last century, at least the most popular. We are the country of Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. We are the fastest people on the planet and they say we have an accent that is the envy of the rest of the English speaking world.

Tessanne represented herself and her country well with humility and her warm heart shone through for all to see. As a result she got support from persons all over the world, not just those connected to Jamaica. Her unscripted endorsement of her coach Adam Levine was just further proof of her grace, and her genuine warmth as a human being. Just read the tweets coming from the various personalities both before and after her win, they say a lot about how she has touched them. In Tessanne’s win, everyone wins.


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Graduate Civil Engineer and MBA Graduate from Stern School of Business, NYU. Primary interest in investing and entrepreneurship. Involved in the Beauty Care Industry. Love photography, sports, international politics, writing about things that concern me and things Jamaican. Want to see Jamaica fulfill it's full potential.
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2 Responses to Why Tessanne’s win in TheVoice will not lead to a change in the Rules

  1. Tony says:

    I had the same concern but as was clearly evident she was the better singer, the most consistent and her iTunes sales was proof of her international support.


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