Kiwanis Club of Kingston – 2011 Youth in Excellence Project Citation for Winner in Academics

Jeorghino Alessandro Lodge – 1st Place Academics

 Our winner in the category of Academics is a young man 16 years old from the Parish of Portland. He began to display his academic ability when he was awarded top achiever in Mathematics and Communication Studies in the GSAT Exams. He then went on to attend Titchfield High School and there he was able to cop many top awards such as Outstanding Performance in subjects such as Drama in 2008, Chemistry in 2010 and 2011 and Physics and Mathematics in 2011. He also made the Principal’s Honour Roll on two occasions and was the top overall academic achiever for his year group in 2011. The Titchfield Old Students Association also recognized him for his academic achievements.

In 2011 this young man sat and passed 10 Subjects at the CSEC level and achieved Grade 1 in all ten subjects. His subjects included the sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as the customary English, Mathematics and Social Studies and not to be left out was Information Technology, Technical Drawing and Geography, leaving the door open, to many alternative career paths. This fine achievement was accomplished in spite of his family having suffered the effects of the economic recession and being reduced to that of a single income family with three children to care for.

At Titchfield, this young man held positions such as Form Captain, Sub-Prefect and Peer Counselor. He was part of the school choir and the Maths club and was a frequent writer for the weekly school bulletin. He also represented his school at chess. Outside of school he was an active member of his Church Youth Group.

No doubt his achievements have left an indelible impression on his peers as well as the younger ones and the residents of Rose Garden District in Long Bay, Portland are no doubt very proud of this young man.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our winner in the category of Academics for 2011, Jeorghino Alessandro Lodge.


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